Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pepsi Shoot

Working for Pepsi for the next few weeks... I was on set grooming and light wardrobing for Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates.  We shot at Mets Stadium, now called Citi Field (why do banks own everything?!?)  It was empty, the workers were combing and mowing the field, getting ready for a game that eve.  The photographer, Atiba Jefferson, is a huge deal in the world of skateboarding and a rad dude.  So I was pretty psyched.  Here's some shots from the day:

Off with their heads

Got to work on a shoot the other day with a nice decapitation scene...Dunno if I'm allowed to say for what yet so I'll leave it at that.  Brian Spears constructed all the prosthetics.  Seven heads being decapitated at once with an enormous guillotine.  Pretty sick!
Find the difference between these two photos...hahaha